Our products are fabricated with the utmost attention by highly trained craftsmen at a small production unit in the heart of Athens, Greece.

The yarns that we work with are of the following qualities
• 100% extrafine merino wool
• 100% super geelong wool
• 100% lambswool
• 100% cashmere
• 75% extrafine merino wool 25% silk
• 80% merino geelong fine wool 20% PA
• 50% fine merino wool 50% ACR

All levels of production are closely monitored so as to ensure that all products delivered are meeting the end customers expectations. Each individual item is handled with care by personnel that has a fully understanding of and cares for the end product.

The ISTOS knit swearter or jacket of that you might have purchased is considered by us as unique in the way it was fabricated and handled by us.

We hope you enjoy it and treat it with care.